The Holidays Are Upon Us

by Rob on December 10, 2014

I hope this blog post is getting to you before the official Holidays are celebrated and we are all off of work. During this time of year I try to […]

The California Association of REALTORS (CAR) conducted a survey in 2014 to home buyers. They asked these buyers what type of help do they need from a REALTOR during the […]

Pool or School to Go With My Home?

by Rob on August 28, 2014

There was a survey done by the California Association of Realtors (CAR) that asked if school or a pool (amenities) is more important in going above budget in purchasing a […]

Competing Realtors questioned whether Keller Williams would be able to build an office in the La Jolla market. Even though we are the largest real estate company in North America […]

San Diego’s Best Places To Eat

by Rob on March 1, 2014

Sometimes you take for granted the city you live in until a third party validates the place. Yelp released its “Must Try” list this week of the top 100 best […]

According to a buyers’ survey from the California Association of Realtors, buyer optimism has risen dramatically over the last five years. Will these numbers be identical if the buyer survey […]

Each time I see an incredible article or show that references a positive experience about San Diego, I generally jump at the chance to impart it to others. The article […]

Top 5 Reasons To Use A La Jolla Realtor

by Rob on September 27, 2013

Underneath are the top five explanations why you should utilize a La Jolla Realtor when purchasing a home in La Jolla. The home purchasing process can be a challenge. A […]

Hillcrest One Bedroom Condo For Sale

by Rob on September 27, 2013

In the event that you are looking to be in THE contemporary condominium building in Hillcrest, the Atlas building is the spot to be. This one bed Hillcrest condominium is […]

Owning A Home Benefits Your Children

by Rob on August 27, 2013

Did you know that owning a home may help your children do better in school?

San Diego Rated Top Marathon City

by Rob on August 26, 2013

An article from NBC’s Today website rated San Diego as the top marathon city in America. This doesn’t surprise me. However, the reference source of the study is interesting. I […]

I came across this great Wall Street Journal Article about how Baby Boomers are moving into trendy urban neighborhoods with young hipsters. I asked myself if this is happening in […]

Americans Are On The Move

by Rob on August 4, 2013

1. Use Emotion – I encourage all my buyers to have me tell their individual or family’s story to the seller. Whenever I put an offer in for a client, […]

I read an article the other day that had La Jolla, California ranked as one of America’s Happiest Seaside Towns by Coastal Living Magazine. Coastal Living chose their rankings from […]

Here is a great graphic about the value of experience with a La Jolla Realtor. On top of this, the key component of a La Jolla Realtor is being a […]

This graph helps explain the financial perks of owning a home in La Jolla and throughout California.

End To La Jolla Bird Poop Problem?

by Rob on May 31, 2013

Don’t you just love this headline?:) I almost spit out my coffee one morning when I read it on the San Diego Union Tribune’s website. Yes it’s a funny headline […]

Buying Versus Renting In California

by Rob on May 23, 2013

In California, prices vary widely depending on the region. Here are areas in California where buying a home will save you money in the long run.

I was reading an article in the San Diego Union Tribune this past Tuesday about how San Diego median prices are at a five year high. This doesn’t surprise me […]

REALTORS know that the biggest bang for your buck when remodeling your home will come from anything that improves the exterior of your home. This is the first thing that […]

The housing market is very important to the overall health of the economy. This infographic helps explain all the jobs created from a simple real estate transaction.

As I’ve done in previously in prior postings, I always like to tell my readers about great people who provide exceptional service. I discovered Jane Williams approximately a year ago […]

Sellers Who Delay May Miss Out

by Rob on April 13, 2013

I’ve come across many sellers who ask me if this is a good time to sell.  The first thing I ask them after the question is “what would you plan […]

According to Fiserv Case-Shiller, prices are expected to increase on a national level of 3.7% between the third quarters of 2013 and 2014 until settling down to 3.3% annual increases […]

Mortgages and Interest Rates

by Rob on February 20, 2013

This infographic should be helpful in keeping you aware of the importance of interest rates! Take a look at how even small percentage increases of interest rates can really effect […]

Moving Habits In California

by Rob on February 12, 2013

It always seems like people are moving in California. Whether relocating for a job, or simply moving to a place that has a lower cost of living, it always seems […]

Home Sales Are Booming!

by Rob on February 6, 2013

I’ve got a great piece of information for everyone this week! This infographic has some great points that we can all learn from regarding the speed at which the real […]